Texas Online License to Carry

Texas Online License to Carry

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The Texas License to Carry a Handgun, or commonly known as the concealed handgun license and concealed carry permit, is the license required in Texas to conceal or open carry a handgun in public. The Sraight Shooters online course is officially approved by Texas DPS and is needed to get your License to Carry. Traditionally, students would be required to sit through a license to carry class in a classroom for 4-6 hours, then proceed to the shooting qualification. Instead, you can now take the class online to fulfill the classroom requirement to obtain a Texas License to Carry. As long as you have an internet connection, this class can be taken from anywhere, not just within Texas.

Straight Shooters keeps the course up to date with the latest information available. New laws in Texas affecting license to carry holders went into affect Sept 1st, 2019. These law updates have been made available in the online class to provide you with the most accurate information available.




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